100,000km solo world circumnavigation halfway point

Australian Benji Rodgers-Wilson is currently halfway through a 100,000km solo world circumnavigation expedition. To date, he has cycled 28,000km and 3,500 nautical miles. At the end of stage 2, he is preparing for the next stage, which includes the daunting feat of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. At 4,000 nautical miles, that’s no walk in the park.

Benji reflects briefly on his highs and lows so far.

At the time of writing I’m at about the halfway point, having crossed Australia, the Indonesian Archipelago, Southeast Asia, Southern China, Japan, the Russian Far East, Northern China, Mongolia, Siberia, Western Russia, and Scandinavia. Ahead is Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, the Americas, and the Pacific Ocean.


It’s been a wild ride. I’ve been robbed, suffered malaria, ventured through the conflict zone in Southern Thailand, crossed the Gobi Desert in summer and endured two bitter Russian winters, facing temperatures as low as –45°C. And along the way I’ve been invited into the lives of extraordinary people and had a glimpse of the world that otherwise I could never have known.

Read more about Benji’s expedition here. Alternatively, Benji is sharing his experiences on his website.

Photos courtesy of Benji Rodgers-Wilson.

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