MONTANE Ultra Trail 26 Series

Wednesday 12th September 2012


The team behind the MONTANE® Lakeland 50 & 100 have launched a new series of events to begin in November 2012. The MONTANE® Ultra Trail 26 series includes 3 events which are 26 miles in length, taking place in various locations throughout the North of England. The purpose of the series is to provide trail runners who hope to 'step up' to ultra distance, the opportunity to progress steadily towards the MONTANE® Lakeland 50 and similar distance events. It also provides great opportunities for seasoned ultra trail runners who are searching for shorter events to help develop their 'speed'. They are great training opportunities, without having to spend too long recovering after the event!

Marc Laithwaite, organiser of the MONTANE® Lakeland 50 & 100 shared his thoughts on the series by saying:
"We've had a great opportunity to develop a series of events which are manageable by everyone. The MONTANE® Lakeland 50 & 100 have already been  huge successes, but we've found that many runners are stepping up to the 50 mile event having never run further than half marathons on road and they have little experience of the navigation required. The 26 series is a great opportunity for those people to progress towards the 50 mile event.

"I sense that there's a growing number of short distance trail events and ultra events, but there appears to be a lack of those in the middle, between 20-30 miles. We also hope that the seasoned ultra runners will treat these events as an opportunity to race faster, shorter distances between longer ultra distance type events. Ultimately we aim to bring the same legendary atmosphere which is found at the MONTANE® Lakeland 50 & 100 to these 26 milers. It'll be one big party!".

Paul Cosgrove, MONTANE®'s Brand Director, expressed his support for the events by stating:
"We've had a great relationship with the team who organise the MONTANE® Lakeland 50 & 100 and we're really excited about the MONTANE® Ultra Trail 26 series. We're keen to reach out to all trail runners and encourage them to step up to the longer distances, whilst experiencing the great outdoors. We think the 26 series provides trail runners with the perfect balance between the regular, shorter distance events and the growing number of ultra distance races".

The dates and locations for the MONTANE® Ultra Trail 26 Series in 2012/2013 are:

  • November 18th 2012, Grizedale Forest, Cumbria
  • March 24th 2013, Rivington, Lancashire
  • May 26th 2013, Howgills, Yorkshire Dales

Entries are now open at

To read more about the MONTANE® Ultra Trail 26 Series click here.